Is Tinder Gold Worth It?(2023 Updated)

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Is Tinder Gold Worth It?(2023 Updated)

Is Tinder Gold Worth It? 2023 Updated

When it comes to online dating apps, you’ve got all these freebies, right? But then there’s that whole premium service thing with extra features. Is it just a cash grab or the secret sauce to real success in online dating? Well, hang tight because we’ll break down the perks and how to make the most of them.

Now, Tinder’s got a pretty sweet deal out of all the dating apps. Of course, they’ve got the free version, but they also offer Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum as upgraded options. And my buddies and I are all about that Tinder Gold life.

But here’s the big question: Is Tinder Gold worth it? Let’s dig in and see if it’s the right fit for you.

What Is Tinder Gold?

What Is Tinder Gold

In 2012, Tinder came out. It started as a site for casual dating, but now it’s one of the best relationship apps in the world. Tinder has released Tinder Gold to improve its financial situation. Tinder Gold has tools that can help you find matches faster.

It’s an improved Tinder account with some extra tools. It’s like Tinder Plus, but better.

Tinder Gold is a paid membership that gives you access to extra features like infinite swipes, the ability to see who has already liked you, more superlikes, and the ability to go back in time.

In the next line, I’ll tell you more about Tinder Gold’s services so you can better understand what each feature does and why they want you to buy it. Then you’ll know is Tinder Gold worth it clearly.

Tinder Gold Features

Tinder Gold Features

Swipe and chat are free features available from the start, but upgrading to a Tinder Gold membership gives you access to tons of extra in-app options.

So, if you want to spend more money on your contract and finally get ahead in the dating game, here are some of the special features you’ll get:

See Who Likes You

One of the best things about Tinder Gold is that you can see who “likes” you already. How is this different from the regular version? Read on.

With the free version of Tinder, people will still swipe right for you. But unless you upgrade to Tinder Gold, you won’t be able to see who they are.

But you’ll think, “That’s okay. I’ll know who they are when I match them.” But the problem is that you may need help to match with them. Why does this happen? It’s because of the Tinder algorithm.

“See Who Likes You” gives you a full view of everyone who has swiped right for you. Then, you must scrutinize their profile and decide whether to swipe left or right for them. It saves you a lot of time and means you’ll never miss someone. This feature alone makes Tinder Gold worthwhile.

Unlimited Likes

With a free account, you can only swipe right on a certain number of profiles per day. This can be a big annoyance if you run out of Likes when someone you really like shows up in your queue!

With Tinder Gold, you get unlimited likes, meaning you can swipe right as often as needed.

This is a useful feature for those who typically swipe for a lot of people during the day in the hopes of getting matches, but it can also be counterintuitive as you may end up matching with people you’re not keen on!

Super Likes per day

With a free account, you get 1 Super Like per day. But Tinder Gold gives you 5 Super Likes, which puts you in front of a queue of 5 different people.

A blue symbol represents a Tinder Super Like. You’ll see it at the bottom of your screen whenever you view your profile. Essentially, if you super Like them, your picture will go to the top of the list, so they will definitely see it.

The idea is that since the Tinder algorithm makes it hard for people to be seen, people will use Super Like whenever they do want to be seen. However, since you can only use one daily, you have to be very selective.

Tinder Boost per month

Boost is never free with a free Tinder account. You must pay each time if you use a free account and want to boost.
With Tinder Gold, you get one free boost per month. It’s a great feature.

A boost is a way to get your profile closer to the front of the queue to get more profiles in 30 minutes. One of the things that makes Tinder so tricky for some people is being exposed, so Tinder Boost is a great way to increase exposure and get more matches.


When you swiped randomly on Tinder, did you ever swipe left on someone who wasn’t very attractive?

After that, you wish you could go back to the previous page and swipe right.

But if you don’t have Tinder Gold, every click on free Tinder is a final result.

As soon as you swipe left or right on a profile on Tinder Gold, you can go back to that spot and see the profile again. When you fast-forward, remember that you can only go back to one page at a time.

For people who get distracted while swiping, this function is very helpful.


The Passport feature is ideal if you are traveling elsewhere soon, as you can use it to find users further away. For example, you can use it to find potential matches living in another city or country.

Now, the free version of Tinder lets you adjust your “distance” to find matches from thousands of miles away. However, unlike Tinder Gold, you’ll also appear in search results for people thousands of miles away.

For example, if you’re traveling to Peru but currently live in the U.S., Tinder will only allow you to appear in the Peru queue if you’re in the local neighborhood. But you can change all that with the Passport feature. It allows you to “pretend” that you are currently located anywhere in the world.

Of course, you have to be ethical. Make it clear in your profile where you are currently located, but you plan to visit these places soon and would love to meet some new local friends.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Is Tinder Gold Worth It

Let’s get one thing straight. The value of any product (including Tinder Gold) depends a lot on what you hope to get out of it. If you’re a casual swiper who doesn’t care much about matches and is just browsing for fun, then you don’t need to upgrade from the free version.

On the other hand, if you’re actively looking for meaningful connections or trying to maximize your chances of finding matches, then Tinder Gold is a definite game changer. Tinder Gold is worth buying if you travel a lot and already receive frequent likes on Tinder. By seeing who likes you, you can speed up the matching process.

As told above, the main advantage of a Tinder Gold subscription is its advanced features that go beyond the scope of a regular Tinder account. In other words, Tinder Gold removes most of the guesswork from the process and gives you a strategic advantage.

5 Super Likes per week will help you stand out from other Tinder users. Then, once a month, you can get a Tinder Boost to increase your exposure and get more matches. You can explore more by changing your location to another state or country. All of these features make Tinder Gold a useful subscription.

You’re no longer swiping mindlessly; you can see who’s interested and decide if you’re interested, too. Additionally, features such as “Boost” allow you to stand out from the crowd and maybe get more people to pay attention.

However, Tinder Gold will make little impact if you don’t receive any likes. You need to change your Tinder profile or try another dating app.

Now, let’s talk about the cost.

How Much Does Tinder Gold Cost?

Pricing for Tinder Gold is very dynamic and varies from country to country. You can get the service for just under $25 per month.

Also, remember that when you first subscribe to Tinder Gold, your account will automatically renew each month unless you go into settings and change your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, deciding if Tinder Gold worth it comes down to personal preference and how you like navigating the online dating journey. It’s about weighing the potential benefits and deciding if they’re worth your monthly subscription fee.

Tinder rewards its paying users and won’t maliciously cheat you or promise anything it can’t deliver. The features are available to you, they are clearly outlined for you, and they are sure to work or push you in the right direction.


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