Is IPSY Worth It? Here’s Everything You Want to Know!

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Is IPSY Worth It? Here’s Everything You Want to Know!

Is IPSY Worth It?

Is IPSY Worth It?

Is IPSY worth it? Today, I have a special guide for you. It has everything you could ever want to know.
If you’ve ever subscribed to any box on IPsy, you know what worthwhile excitement it is! Because it gives us a sense of the joy that awaits.
However, many readers are skeptical. Is IPSY really that good?
In this post, I will give you an approximate answer. But I will give you the most comprehensive information to judge whether IPSY is worth it.
After all, a thousand Hamlets are in a thousand people’s eyes.
Without further ado, let’s go to today’s journey.
Let’s go to IPSY!

What is IPSY?

IPSY is a beauty subscription service. It sends you a personalized set of beauty products right to your door. IPSY makes it easy to find new go-to products and satisfies your love of beauty. And IPSY gives you a great deal to try out your favorite brands.
You always have a say in what goes in your bag. It makes IPSY the most personalized beauty subscription on the market.
IPSY was made with a unique goal in mind: to encourage people all over the world to show off their beauty. Everything they do is meant to help you on your road to self-discovery. You can show off your unique beauty every day with confidence.

How Does IPSY Work?

Many people are curious about how it works. So let me reveal it for you!

Is IPSY worth it? How Does IPSY Work?

Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire

Step 2: Place your order

The first step is to complete your Beauty Quiz. It is a brief online quiz that asks you about your preferred beauty routine, skin tone, hair color, eye color, brand preferences, and more.

Based on your answers, they’ll curate unique products for you and offer new varieties every month. Tip: You can adjust this frequency if you wish!

Step 3: Calculate the cost & send the items

Step 4:Get Products

You’ll be charged for your first bag when you sign up. After that, you’ll be paid for the next month’s bag on the last day of the month, which will arrive about two weeks later. You can learn more about the payment cycle and when the program starts and ends here.

Then, Ipsy will send a box to your home so you can enjoy it.
Your items are wrapped and packed carefully in the box, and you’ll also get a new makeup bag to make it easy to store them.
Once you’ve opened everything, you can test and try everything, which is fun.

Step 5: Provide Feedback

If you’re still happy with the product, you can leave your joy to share with more people. But bad things will happen; if you have one, you can tell other people about it.
These comments can help IPSY to improve better.

Is IPSY Worth It?

You can try Ipsy to learn about beauty subscriptions and the latest trends. And you can start with the cheaper ones first.
If you like it and need the product to last longer, upgrading to BoxyCharm can bring the full size. Or, if you want to go all out once a quarter, Icon Box can send you more full-size products and celebrity picks that are in style.
However, this attempt only carries a certain risk, so think twice. The item you get may be different from that price. There’s also the case that you prefer something else to the products it sends you. These bad experiences can rub off on your happiness.
So, be prepared for everything before trying it. This kind of activity is a matter of luck sometimes. I can’t rate it as good or bad. I can only give you objective information for you to judge.



● Quality products with a wide selection of brands
● Personalization
● Affordable prices
● Complete makeup and a makeup bag every month

● Maybe you get items you don’t like, which can be frustrating
● If you miss the selection time, you might miss out on the products you might want
● Customer service is slow to respond, and the service is terrible

How to Cancel IPSY?

With so many subscription boxes and services, it can be hard to cancel, or you can only cancel after a few months. With IPSY, you can easily stop your subscription anytime in your account settings.
Sign in to your Ipsy account, click “Manage Memberships,” and “Help me stop my membership.” Follow the steps, and then use the link in the email you’ll get to confirm that you want to cancel.
You can also skip a month to take some time off or vacation.

How Much is IPSY?

Glam Bag for IPSY memberships starts at $13 per month, but we also offer other subscriptions to fit any lifestyle or preference. To help you find the best plan for your beauty needs, we’ve detailed them below.

Meet the beauty bag that started it all. Glam Bag, the resident OG Subscription. It sends you five customized, deluxe-sized beauty samples ($70) in a cute makeup bag. You may try different products and choose your new favorite.
You can also choose one product for your bag each month. No wonder this is our most popular membership!

Full-size versions of all your best products. BoxyCharm lets you choose five full-size beauty items. You can personalize it, and that is worth up to $200.
You get to choose three of the five goods each month. You try out the best and newest brands or stock up on what you already have.

Feeling a little extra? The Icon Box is a quarterly upgrade to your monthly IPSY membership. It is only available to members.
It comes with eight full-size products (worth a whopping $350). And they were chosen by some of the biggest names in beauty, fashion, and celebs.
Think of it as your all-access pass to the most wanted brands, hottest new products, and beauty products you need to try. You’ll even get to choose three full-size products per package.
During upgrade months, It includes February, May, August, and November). The Icon Box takes the place of your regular monthly pack.
Need help deciding which one you want? No problem. You can subscribe to one, two, or even all three plans simultaneously.


Your PlanGlamBagBoxyCharmIconBox
Price per Delivery13 USD/month28 USD/Month58 USD/Quarter
Products5 Samples5 Full-Size8 full-size
Products You PickOneThreeThree


Glam Bag X changes quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

Mystery Surprise:

Your Ipsy subscription comes with a new bag every month.

Where Can IPSY be Purchased?

All memberships (Glam Bag, BoxyCharm, and Icon Box) are available in Canada. (It includes its territories and military bases). And the United States offers it. (It includes Alaska, Hawaii, territories, P.O. boxes, APO boxes, DPO boxes, and FPO boxes).
But right now, only Glam Bag is offered in Mexico.
Don’t worry if your area doesn’t have the bag you want. IPSY is always looking for ways to improve its members’ lives. Remember, keep an eye out for news about the IPSY Availability Extension.

IPSY Reviews.

Interested in what IPSY members think of their products? Head over to their review blog.

Angelica jokes about the magic of the IPSY Match.

“I love my bag every month, but I swear you guys somehow listen in on our phones. Two weeks ago, I said the word “dehydrated” about 50 times and complained about my dry skin …… Except for the eyeshadows, the entire bag is for dry skin! The names of everything made me laugh. I got a lip gloss called Fluid, a facial moisturizer called H20, and a hand cream for dry hands. This situation happened so often that I kept yelling, “I need eyeliner,” into my phone. We’ll see!

Emma reviewed every product in the February 2020 Glam Bag!

Emma not only lets viewers see everything in her February Glam Bag. But she also tried out every single item, from masks to lipsticks, so you can get her first idea of how they look when worn.
Speaking of which, check out her liquid eyeliner creations – very impressive!

Cassidy Reviews Her January 2020 Glam Bag

Our first bag of 2020 is meant to help you start the year fresh, and our misty pink and marble bag is a great way to do that.
Cassidy even called this design one of her favorite IPSY bags. Things got even better once she checked out the not-to-be-missed products inside.

Below are some bad experiences from customers, and I am using anonymity. Information from sitejabber.

I have been a Boxycharm customer for years. I received boxes with broken palettes and dried mascara. I will never use it in any way. The brush looked rough, and I didn’t even try to use it. The actual mascara was so dry on the brush that I could barely pull it out of the tube. I have tried contacting someone for help several times but am still waiting heard back from ansomeoneI was so frustrated with the whole thing.

I put in my order before I read more and saw that they couldn’t promise that the things were not made with animals. I tried to cancel my account within 5 minutes of setting it up, and a service worker confirmed that I had done so.
Months later, I still pay for this subscription, and I need someone in customer service to help me. I’ll have to cancel my credit card now. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, and judging by the other reviews, I’m not alone.

For my first “Gorgeous” package from Ipsy Mexico, I got things I didn’t want (because I didn’t pick many choices in the quiz).
3 of the 5 or 6 products I received fell into the “rarely” wanted category. I was very unhappy with my first Gorgeous Bag because I wanted to try different kinds of makeup. And I was looking forward to getting more.
Customer service was also unresponsive, so I just canceled it. Why risk another month of bad products? No thanks.


After reading this, do you already have an answer: is IPSY worth it?
Of course, if you have a curious mind, you can take the risk too. Maybe you are the lucky one!
As we can see from the above, IPSY is decent. There are still a lot of people getting what they want.
When you want to try new makeup and beauty products and save money, you can try it.
Remember that you must be prepared before purchasing because everything has risks. Don’t let these things add to your worries.


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